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Access study materials, testing, and analysis through TestBook for competitive exams like Date, Bank, SSC, and Railways. India's Best Faculty imparts the best experience on, with personalized analysis and live exam simulations. Engage with a knowledgeable community, get expert guidance, and benefit from Hindi and English translations for a seamless learning experience. If you are a new user on Testbook, you can get a big discount by using “SZUUW2” which is one of the best coupon codes for Testbook.


  1. Are Testbook classes good?
    Yes, Testbook is highly popular among government job aspirants for its top-notch mock exams, app, study resources, and more.
  2. Is Testbook good for online classes?
    Absolutely! Testbook provides reliable live lectures and expert-curated test series, making it a dependable tool for UPSC preparation.
  3. How is the course in Testbook?
    Testbook's courses focus on developing reliable study techniques, guided by experienced faculty with a wealth of knowledge.
  4. Are Testbook courses free?
    Yes, Testbook offers free interactive sessions on various subjects in the curriculum of government exams.
  5. Is Testbook app free or paid?
    The Testbook app is free to use for exam preparation.
  6. Is Testbook Mock easy?
    In the current competitive market, Testbook provides both affordable and challenging courses and practice tests.
  7. How much is Testbook pass?
    At Rs.299 per year, Testbook Pass offers a great deal for SSC exams, bank exams, railway exams, and live practice exams by using Testbook Referral CodeSZUUW2
  8. Is Testbook course good for SSC?
    Yes, Testbook is highly recommended for competitive exams, featuring inexpensive, high-quality test series and scheduled live courses.
  9. What is 360 Testbook learning?
    360° learning in Testbook ensures complete coverage of every subject in the curriculum.
  10. How many video courses are available in Testbook pass?
    Testbook Pass offers 100+ courses, 2000+ PDF notes, video tips, techniques, and 3500+ mock tests for 100+ exams.